As you can imagine it has been a very busy few days. Sabina Roger and I moved into the studios last Friday, putting signs up and schedules etc etc and then Roger had to catch a flight back to London (which of course being EasyJet was delayed 4 hours and then had an hour on the runway at Gatwick at 3 in the morning, poor Roger). Saturday saw me meeting three dancers from the USA, (trying to get jet lag out of the way before the course) and Jonathan our Music Director and friend. I was supposed to meet Daria at 20.00 Saturday night from London but they cancelled her flight (outrageously not telling us until I tried to check her in) so I had to quickly rebook her a flight for 07.30 the next morning to ensure she got here at all. Just what you need before the start of the Masterclasses.

Sunday saw my first arrival at 6am. A boy from the Lebanon, very sweet chap, looking very hippy with his youthful beard and square glasses. He was waiting very patiently for me and sat with me while we were waiting form the next ones to arrive at 8.30 (no point going to hotel so early as the check in time is 14.00). He then escorted the new girls to the ATM and back, (very gentlemanly). As the day wears on each year the delays and cancellations get more and more frequent, luckily we only had delays this year and no cancellations. Daria arrived looking tired at 10.30 after very little sleep having left home at 4.30, there were also about 10 dancers on her flight.

Finally got home at 12.00 and now up at 05.45 to be in here to prepare the studios for class. We are back to being all within the National Theatre Ballet companies four walls this year, and not having to trek to the studio at the National Theatre as the studios are finished now. I will post some pics of the walk to the hotel to collect the dancers for you and later some of classes etc.