23c and sunny at 7am, should be a little cooler today with max of 27c. The party last night wound down at about 8pm, everyone pretty tired from the travel and first days exertions. The catering company always make Daria a special cake each year and this year was no exception.

Grandma’s leg warmers and out Masterclass T-shirts are always very popular, so it is very unfortunate that we had the house broked into last week just before we arrived and all the new fashion shirts that Sabina and Daria had bought from the high street and then had printed were stolen (not sure who outside of the ballet world would want to wear Masterclass logo’d clothes). We have our usual shirts and a few left over from last year but not that many.

I have put out all the barres in the studios and have time for a cup of tea and to write to you and download some video from yesterday.