It turns out the nightclub found her bag and passport and cards, too late for them being cancelled of course, but what are the chances!!!!!!!!!!

Then straight after one poor girl dislocated her knee and was in agony as you can imagine. So we called an ambulance and they carted her away to the hospital, followed by her friend and Daria and myself in the car.

I must say the hospital were fantastic. Everyone was very nice, very efficient and thorough. The doctor popped it back in while Daria was talking to her and then an x-ray was ordered. We bought her a knee brace and some crutches and she is now back in the hotel. Her mum arrives tonight having booked a room at the hotel as well. X-ray showed no break or ligament damge so just soem small tears and she will be fully back within six weeks they reckon. Big relief for her. Especially as she will be one of Daria’s students at the Royal next year.

Now back to studio. This afternoon Tamas took PDD by himself as Daria was still in the hospital and Jan Kodet took the other group for contemporary.

Tonight I will interview Vladimir Shishov for the dancers in Studio 3