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This afternoon groups C & D will be having pas de deux with Daria Klimentova and Tamas Solymosi in Studio 1 with Jonathan still on piano, and groups A & B will be iin studio [...]

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Today sees Vladimir Shishov, very popular with the boys, take them for solo work in Studio 2 and Tatiana Melnik with the girls in Studio 1, Tatiana seems to be teaching a different variation everyday, [...]

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Class underway

Had a bit of a run around sorting out new teachers and pianists and Thomas asking about massages. I had to introduce Jozef Dolinsky to the dancers of course (Artistic Director Slovakian National Ballet) and [...]

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Gaynor Minden shoes

Daria has given me ten pairs of used but really new Gaynor Minden pointe shoes to give away. I have left them outside the office with a note and hope the dancers will take them.

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Thursday 1st August

A lot cooler this morning. About 17c, expected highs of 26c. Today we have a change of class teacher. Tatiana Melnik will give class in Studio 1 with Jana Vrabcova on piano. Thomas Edur will [...]

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