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Classes this afternoon

So the PDD groups today are with Jan Erik Wikstrom and Daria Klimentova. Jan Erik is a very passionate PDD teacher, he loves it and was an amazing partner with the girls fighting over who [...]

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Well thank goodness Vadim's suitcase has been found and will be with us tonight. Sabina and I have just been for a cake at cafe Slavia next to the National Theatre up the road. Great [...]

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Solo today

Today we have Vadim Muntagirov in Studio 2 with Jonathan Still on piano. When Daria walked in with him there was a big round of applause. Isabelle Ciaravola is with the girls in studio 1 [...]

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Mini Bars

I had no idea that the hotel had added mini bars into all the rooms. I only discovered when they gave me a full breakdown of the costs and asked if I could ask the [...]

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I am about to walk to the hotel to collect any new arrivals who would like to be escorted to the studios, although most new arrivals have friends here so I won't wait for them. [...]

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Monday 5th August

Good Morning. Into week two now. 14C at 6am with highs today of 27C expected. All new ones arrived and all going left successfully, only problem was they lost Vadim Muntagirov's suitcase. So we have [...]

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