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This afternoon we have Natasa Novotna once again with a different group in Studio 2 and Daria Klimentova and Jan Erik Wikstrom in Studio 1 for PDD. After the afternoon sessions I shall be interviewing [...]

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Solo work today

The girls had an hour each with Isabelle Ciaravola and the boys with Vadim. Daria and I met the door people who now want to meet us at the house tomorrow. It's always difficult explaining [...]

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There seems to be a a little flu going around the dancers, nothing serious but knocking them out for a day or two each time. Amber saw one this morning at the hotel and says [...]

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Class today

This morning Daria will be with a new group in Studio 2 with Jonathan on piano, Jan Erik will be with a new lot in Studio 1 with Dagmar Huffova on piano and Jozef Dolinsky [...]

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Tuesday 6th

17C this morning rising to 28C later. Daria and Vadim went to dinner with John Mucha last night whilst Sabina and I went shopping (cat litter etc, nothing exciting). Today after class Daria and I [...]

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