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I have the mini bus man coming in this afternoon to go through the schedule for Sunday from the hotel. At present he has about 9 trips and I have two in the car (04.15 [...]

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Class underway giving me a chance to update the Gallery pages https://www.balletmasterclass.com/pages/photos-by-ash-2019/ So have added all the ASH photos so far. Solo today will be Vadim Muntagirov in Studio 2 with the boys and Isabelle [...]

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Todays class will be with Isabelle Ciaravola in Studio 1 with Jonathan Still on piano. Studio with Vadim Muntagirov and Jana Vrabcova on piano and finally Christopher Hampson with Dagmar Huffova on piano. Tonight is [...]

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Friday morning

17C with highs of 29C expected today. Another evening spent at the childrens hospital last night. The girl with sinus problems didn't feel she was getting any better. The antibiotics she got from the private [...]

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