This afternoon is the final PDD or repertoire class for everyone. Daria and Jan Erik in Studio 1 with Sergei on piano and Christopher in Studio 2. As I am not big on social media Amber sent me today a load of screen shots of things posted by the dancers. They obviously have been having a great time it seems , at the studios and outside. We love having them all over here each summer and next year will be our 18th season, so next year most attendees will have been born the year we started or not. We all, as teachers and organisers, look forward to being in Prague each summer, it is like coming home for us. Chris, Jonathan, Daria, myself and now Vadim and Sabina, we love it here and enjoy the work and helping to nurture the next generation of dancers. Long may it last. Just the farewell party to go and the exodos tomorrow. Thank you for reading and till next summer.