17C with highs of 29C expected today.

Another evening spent at the childrens hospital last night. The girl with sinus problems didn’t feel she was getting any better. The antibiotics she got from the private medical centre she felt were not working and she felt worse. We got to the hospital and were seen very quickly, within 30 minutes. The doctor examined her and the array of medications she had been given and took some blood for a test. The antibiotics she was given before are very good apparently and so were the eye drops etc. She said that it is a whole day too soon for the antibiotics to kick in properly and that she will feel fine after the next evening, the blood test came back as expected with nothing abnormal but she did give us a large bottle of antibiotic nasal drops, three drops each nostril four times a day which cost ¬£4. I must say the childrens hospital here is exceptionally good, no nonsense caring care. They have always been superb whenever we have had to deal with them over the years, and in English which always puts us English to shame. The girls grandma is coming over today to take her home but all she talked about was how fed up she was that she missed the second week classes because she was having the best time and wants to come back next year already. Got her back to the hotel about 11.30pm, borrowed the master key from reception to let her in quietly without waking her roommates. Got home about 12.10, Sabina still up and back from her rock climbing adventure with the physiotherapist and his friends.