Here we are at the end of our Summer at the National Theatre studios. 20C with highs of 26C expected. It always goes so fast. We had a lovely dinner last night at Stoleti, Vadim was telling me how much he enjoys coming to Prague in the summer (he’s a permanent member of the team now) and that he really enjoys teaching here. Jan Erik was saying he feels he is getting too old to teach PDD, but I don’t think anyone else agreed with him, especially as he is about 15 years younger than me and spends at least 30 minutes after every PDD working with any dancer who wants. Chris was chatting to Isabelle about the extraodinary coincidence that her father tunes his piano at his house in Corsica, as it is where her family are from and that’s his work, and Chris happens to have a Steinway that needs regular tuning at his summer house.

I have posted up the schedule for transport for Sunday back to the airport from the hotel.

I have already had requests for changes, but they never seem to understand that logistics are very complicated and these are the times I am providing. If they wish to go at other times then that is up to them at their own expense.

They also of course have to remember their dancewear paraphernalia. We hand the studios back to the National Theatre tonight after the classes and will not be here afterwards. Daria and Vadim go to Tokyo to do our yearly Masterclasses there at 04.15 on Sunday and I will be working elsewhere.

We have catering arriving tonight for the last night party, just a short farewell really, and then up at 3am to start rounding them up.