I had no idea that the hotel had added mini bars into all the rooms. I only discovered when they gave me a full breakdown of the costs and asked if I could ask the dancers to settle their bills each week. This was a bit of a shock to me. I think mini bars are a dreadful idea. Lazy temptation.

So this morning before class I gave them all a talking to about mini bars and the golden rule about them ” NEVER USE THE MINI BAR”. I told them to nominate one person from each room to settle the bill and argue about it amongst themselves about who had what. I did point out that I do know that they are not alcoholics as 99.9% was chocolate and nuts and water and shaving sets or dental sets, except the one room that had a broken waste bin to pay for. Bad idea mini bars for groups of people.

None of it is a lot of money but hopefully it will be adding to their life skills sorting it out.