Good Morning. Into week two now. 14C at 6am with highs today of 27C expected.

All new ones arrived and all going left successfully, only problem was they lost Vadim Muntagirov’s suitcase. So we have given the studios address for the bag to be delivered to if it turns up (It better turn up as their are costumes in it for a performance later in the month). Once we got Isabelle Ciaravola in a taxi Vadim and I drove to the hotel with a young dancer in tow to drop her off and pick my daughter up. Daria had made us dinner when we got home but the cat had disappeared. So after dinner we went walking around the neighbourhood and about two roads away she came running out from under a car shouting at us and rubbing herself against us. She seemed relieved to find us and then followed us all the way home.

Jan Erik Wikstrom arrived safely and is looking very well, Isabelle Ciaravola, the Paris Opera Etoile, I adore, she is such fun and crazy., it is lovely to have her back. She uses an Emoji in her texts that are little cartoons of herself.