This weekend I will spend it at the airport once again, meeting teachers and dancers arriving. The leavers are all instructed as to how to get back to airport and transport has been arranged.

Jan Erik Wikstrom, our PDD man next week, texts me to say that he can’t check in. So I try and also cannot. I phone Czech Airlines and ask them to tell me what is going on and they say the booking was never paid for. Well I bought a ticket from them for both Isabelle Ciaravola and Jan Erik in April. I received the tickets. Isabelle’s is fine but Jan Erik’s is not. I cannot believe they didn’t email or anything at all to let me know there was a problem. So now I have had to buy a ticket at three times the price and am lucky there was still space on the same flights. Outrageous from Czech Airlines. You can imagine I am not happy.

Tonight after classes I shall interview Daria for the dancers and we do a little give away of stuff from Gaynor Minden and Daria’s private collection of nonsense she has accumulated over the years, it’s fun.

Have a great weekend and I’ll start again on Monday morning.