What a strange year we are all living. 

Dear all attendee dancers this summer.
At present we are of course still waiting for news as to whether or not we can hold the Masterclasses at all.
The Czech Republic are starting to ease restrictions slowly, for instance Czechs can now leave the country should they need to and some smaller shops etc are starting to open up. From two weeks ago EU business and student citizens are able to enter the country again. At present (16th May) arrivals will have to take a Covid Test within 72hrs of arrival and report the results to the officials, if it is negative then you can carry on as usual if it is positive you will have to quarantine for 14 days (or return home).
I have just been told by the Hotel Metropolitan we use that they will be opening up again in mid June and we are still a few weeks away from the course. From this week restaurants with outside space can open again as long as they keep tables to social distancing.
This is very early days and we are hoping for more good news as each week passes and less restrictions.
The Czech Republic does have a very low infection and death rate for the virus (only 293 deaths and 8350 cases in the whole country) so we are hoping for the best.
We shall keep you informed as soon as we hear anything and we will do our utmost to hold the course as we know so many dancers rely on us to get in shape before they start work or their courses again.
Czech airlines put out the missive on the 14th May, that I have attached below, resuming some flights around Europe from 18th May. Please also take note of their conditions of travel such as wearing masks, this is compulsory in public anywhere in the Czech Republic at present, Lufthansa I see are also starting up 160 routes again from this week.
We know that some dancers, even if the course goes ahead, will have trouble getting to us due to their own countries restrictions, for instance the dancers from the USA may have trouble getting to us and then maybe not being allowed to enter the country. We will keep an eye on these points.
We also realise this makes travel plans very difficult but there is not much we can do at present as we, like everyone else, is under government control.
Dancers of the National Theatre here have started to do class again, and from this week are able to rehearse corps de ballet again together.
The Administrator of the National Theatre wrote to me last week saying that he was still expecting us to run the course, so that was very positive, and Daria has also had a long chat with him on the phone which was also very positive and encouraging.
It is possible we will hold the course in a slightly reduced way but only in the sense of perhaps dancers not being able to get to us, if that is the case then we will run it for Czechs and whoever can get to us.
We will do our best I assure you. We are only here to serve and promote the art and joy of classical ballet but not at the risk of dancers health. 
We shall write to you as soon as we know anything ourselves and the last phase of lifting restrictions in Prague are supposed to start here on 17th May, so soon after that we will have a better idea.
Of course should you have to pull out due to the impossibility of getting here we shall fully understand.
We shall contact you all once we know more. The other link below is to the form you would need to complete at present with 72 hours of arrival.
Take care and stay safe
Warm regards
Ian Comer and Daria Klimentov√°
Lufthansa are flying into Prague as well apparently.