So for Groups A & B it is the final Contemporary class for this year with Jan Kodet in Studio 2 and for Groups C & D it is PDD with Daria Klimentová and Alexander Campbell in Studio 1 with Sergei Poluektov on piano.

We are very grateful to Alexander for coming over on such short notice, he has been a real star. A lovely personality, very friendly and great coach. His talk for the dancers was fun last night and he had some funny stories for them, and also showed a beautiful PDD by Christopher Wheeldon that he danced with Sarah Lamb.

This has been a complicated year for the dancers to be able to be with us at all. Keeping an eye on the rules and regulations constantly for the last two months (when the National Theatre here told us they expected us to still hold the course), having to inform 35 American dancers four weeks ago that they would not be able to enter Europe at all let alone the Czech Republic and organising their refunds . We had most of the spaces instantly taken by European dancers. Having Paris Opera ask to send quite a lot of dancers this year (about 20) as all their courses had to be cancelled. Even now keeping an eye on rules for other countries so we can keep the dancers informed of anything they may have to do when they get home.

Prague has been a wonderful peaceful haven from the madness this summer and we have been very lucky to have the dancers here and finally allowed out of their bedrooms and into a studio. Dancers need this for their mental as well as physical health. To interact with other dancers and learn and grow.

Just the return trips to the airport to do from 04.15 tomorrow and then another year will be over. We love having the dancers with us and we know after 18 years that they love to be here too. I shall post the final clips from this afternoon later for you and I shall also put up all ASH’s photographs as soon as I get them (there are lots but they are not processed yet because it has been super bust for everyone) but apart from that…………….

Thank you for reading and another year will speed past I’m sure, so until next summer take care. Ian X