This afternoon we will have Petr Zuska in Studio 2 again for the second group and in Studio 1 of course will be Daria and Vadim for PDD for their last PDD this year with the first group. Next week Vadim goes over to solo duty and Alexander Campbell comes in for PDD. 

After the classes we will be interviewing Daria for the dancers and showing some film of her dancing and do our little prize giveaway. Always fun. This evening Daria has to go to the house of an artist friend of ours to take photos of Tereza Podarliova in his studio for him. We will leave her there then collect her later again.

It has been another fantastic week, however strange the circumstances. The dancers are obviously loving being here and soaking up the unique Prague atmosphere. It will be a busy day tomorrow, me with collections and drop offs, and them with sightseeing I have no doubt.

I will add any more video and pics I have on Monday morning for you.