Class today is with Daria and Jonathan in Studio 1, Vadim with Dagmar in Studio 2 and Mario with Jana in Studio 3 (the Kylian Studio).

This year it is noticeable for me that I am not getting any calls to say “I’m not feeling very well, I’m just going to stay in the room at the hotel today” I am getting the usual “I’ve hurt my foot and want to rest it today etc etc” but not illness. The Covid situation seems to have concentrated the minds of the dancers, they are thinking about their health much more seriously and trying to look after themselves more conciously I think. They seem to be hanging out together more when they go out and avoiding places with too many people. We of course remind them most days of their responsibility to the other dancers to take care when outside and have told them again today to have a great day off, but be careful please. Wash your hands and use the Anti-Covid. I think I will make the wiping down of the barres etc here every morning a thing we do every year from now on, it might even help stop the passing on of normal colds etc.