Good morning, sunny here and 20c with highs expected of 32c this afternoon.

Barres cleaned and studios ready. Have had to make several changes to the departure times for the dancers from the hotel as lots of flight times have been altered (it appears I am the last to be told which makes organising transport for 75 dancers slightly more complex of course).

Class today is with Daria Klimentov√° in studio 1 with Dagmar Huff on piano for group Y

Group Z are with Vadim Muntagirov and Jana Vrabcova in studio 2 and 

Group X are with Alexander Campbell and Jonathan Still in studio 3.

We shall be interviewing Alexander tonight for the dancers. Last night was Vadim’s turn and we put some private videos on for them, and as two of them were filmed on a phone  sideways they were the wrong way round for the TV screen, so everyone had to lie over to one side to be able to see the clip. Very funny and quite typical.