Having wiped down all the barres and ensured all the studios are unlocked and ready it is now time to put up the notices for the final day.

Reminding them to return their passes and get their deposits back, check all the studios and changing rooms to make sure they have not left anything behind, pay any mini bar bills they may have (normally chocolate and tooth brushes and water gets taken) and check their leaving times once again. After the classes today we will be having a little give away ceremony in studio 1 before our outdoors last evening party. We will be serving food and drink in the courtyards and passageways around the studios this year for a short send off for them before we have to pack everything back up and take it away by 9pm. Sabina and her friend will be the bar maids and food servers this year, and I am sure a few of the boy dancers will help as well as they usually do.