They all got away from the hotel and as I have not heard otherwise I am assuming they all got home ok. One girl left a nice ring in the room so I gave it to a girl from her class who was leaving later to give to her (apparently she has it already), I had to pay €80 for their unpaid mini bar bills (about a euro of chocolate each). I got home about 9pm and started to sort out all the leg warmers for Grandma and then up again early to get the house ready for a short stay of Cookie and Amber. Daria and Sabina are on their way on holiday for a week while I tie up all the loose ends here, such as returning the passes. Only four short this year, but I shall have to charge €20 euro deposit next year instead of €10 as that is what the National Theatre charge me for lost cards.

All in all a very successful two weeks with no incidents, in fact the most incident free year I can remember. I guess for most dancers it is back to masks etc now. I hope everyone stays safe and see you all next year.