Good morning. It is now 07.30, I have finished cleaning the barres etc, it is 20c with highs of 33c expected today. We are very happy to have the canteen back with us this year after a change of management three years ago meant we lost the facility. A new manager now, a largish chap, is very pleasant and very happy to be open for us and has already said he will for sure open whenever we are here. Unfortunately they still do not open Saturdays and never have, but there is a very comprehensive vending machine for sandwiches and snacks for the lazy like me.

Tim, the live stream of Laurretta giving solo class will be at 12.00 (not sure if on Gaynor Minden site or ours) and then there will be a live interview with her at 14.00. The interview Daria did with her the other night I will post as soon as I get it.

Another busy day organising the returns to the airport etc tomorrow for a few, and the arrival of others to take their place, for both dancers and teachers of course.

Dinner last night was as usual very nice, Stoleti and their waiters always look after us very well (for the last 18 years). The owner is saying that the Czech government have made claiming money for loss of business to help them survive while there are no tourists about is so complicated as to be nearly impossible to meet the criteria, and he is very worried, and also wanting to know where the money is actually going. 

I shall post some video of class later.