It seems a lot of you are very willing to arrive early and quarantine or quarantine once here. So I thought I’d explain the procedures. 

First if you are arriving early:

The cost at the hotel would be £50 per night for a single room en-suite including breakfast. You are allowed out for food of course and you have to wear an FFP2 quality mask whenever you do.
I think this is pretty much self policing but they can contact you at any time via your mobile number.
If you know anyone else coming from the UK doing the same then you could share with them and the price would be then about £30 per night.
After the quarantine period and negative test result you would then move into the room allocated to you within your chosen course fee.
There are many places around for the PRC testing here to release yourself including a 2 hour turn around one at €280 euro (very expensive). But the normal 24 hour one is €70 euro at the airport site for instance.
However the hotel also know places nearer the hotel but I am not sure of the cost, I would think about €70 euro as well. I am using a drive through one for myself and that is only £35/€40/1000Kc, but I’m not sure if they have those in the centre.
Here is a link to testing centres in the Czech Republic
Check the self paid box and Prague and with reservation or without and have a look.
You don’t take a test when you arrive from the UK as you have to wait five days before the test.
You have to have a test before you arrive within 72 hours of arriving and you must fill in the Passenger Locator form and bring the print out of that with you. (the form is a bit general, for instance place of stay choice is City of Prague, nothing more specific).
If when you return to the UK you need a fit to fly PCR test that can be arranged and I will try to have a company come to the studios if a lot of dancers need it.
Russia has been put on the Black List which means no entry at all in you have been there within the past 14 days, so we have lost two or three dancers from there and a couple of teachers, but all have been replaced.
BA fly on the 19th at present from Heathrow but I have had two flights from them cancelled and replaced with flights via Helsinki instead within the past two weeks, but more reliably is Ryanair from Stansted.
Secondly if you arrive on the 25th and proceed to quarantine from then onwards for five days:
The same is as above but you would have to miss the first five days of the course until a negative test taken on the 29th and the result received within 24hrs, unless you paid for a two hour turn around, very frustrating of course but we have to follow the rules.
Masks do not have to been worn at the studios but you are of course welcome to do so if this makes you feel more comfortable.
The studios are thoroughly cleaned every night and on top of that I personally  disinfect all the barres every morning before class.