This afternoon will be Contemporary in Studio 2 with Ondrej Vinklat and in Studio 1 PDD with Daria and Jason with Jonathan on piano.

So I have arranged a taxi for 06.45 for Madeleine Onne for tomorrow morning, she is very sweet and bought Daria and I a very nice glass bowl as a present and this evening she is taking Daria out for something to eat after PDD. She has to get back to Finland for the start of their season (she is their Artistic Director) and has had a wonderful few days with us and has asked to come back whenever we want her. It’s always a compliment to hear that.

Booked several PCR tests for dancers returning home on this Sunday, very lucky that the testing centre is a one minute walk outside the studios this week. Sadly they are closing on Saturday but they have other places around, just not so convenient.

Sabina has been taking pictures this afternoon with Daria’s new camera so I wonder how they will turn out. Unfortunately we lost Amber and Cookie this year because of the quarantine situation in both directions, they are as upset about it as we are. We also of course lost Vadim Muntagirov and Maria Khoreva as you cannot enter here if they have been in Russia the previous 14 days. Very difficult year.