Rained a lot last night,  this morning 16c and still raining a little, rising to 22c later. Daria, Sabina and I got soaked unloading the cars into the house.

Yesterday should have been a nice final day with a pleasant gentle party and saying good bye to everyone.

However, the PCR testing results started coming in and the nightmare began. Everyone was supposed to get a text with a code that they could use to open the email and then have their travel document and results etc. For some reason only the French and some of the other European networks sent the texts.  So half the dancers could not access their results. So we then tried to get hold of the laboratory to say can they do something about it, but of course could not get hold of anyone. Then they suddenly sent another complete set of emails with a link to a website. But obviously without the text codes that wouldn’t work either. 

Then Martin Rypan the Administrator of the Czech National Ballet got involved and slowly it began to resolve itself. Now a further set of emails was received and using a code combination of birthday and odd numbers which Martin discovered I was finally able to open a coded pdf and print them out. This took 7 hours to do and a lot of stress.

Sabina and Daria carried on with the party and clearing up assisted by Serghei our minibus driver/photographer/dancer, while Jonathan and I frantically worked out how to open and print and send all the results.

Thank god for Martin our hero of the day on a Saturday night at home with his family. Amazing.

So now it is 6.30 am and three taxis have already been and taken 7 dancers from 03.30 this morning, and Serghei is about to arrive to take the next 5 in the minibus. Last ones to go tonight at 19.30 to airport and then one on Monday and another on Tuesday. The one on Tuesday also needs a test tomorrow.

I shall leave the blog up for a while so you can see the pictures. Daria will be posting videos and pictures from this summer throughout the year on Instagram (masterclassesinprague) and we already have 30 applications in for next summer. Take care of yourselves and each other. Last picture of Daria in the Studios