Monday evening and they have all finally left the hotel. As usual every single one on check out said they had nothing from the minibar, but of course at the final tally I end up with a bill of €150 for unpaid minibar. Happens every year. The ones for the 03.30 airport run only arrived back at the hotel at 03.15 so I suppose it’s one way of not missing the bus. One girl’s boyfriend went off to the airport with her wallet but luckily realised so Dima (our dancer driver) brought it back for her as she was on the next minibus trip. One girl left her pajamas in the room so I think they are lost in reality. One boy had his laundry done by the hotel and forgot to pay for it so I will be sending the bill to his mother (She was the one who pointed it out). I’m always amused by the leaving act, they can all be sitting in the hotel foyer on their phones ignoring each other for 30 minute and then suddenly, when six of them have to leave, its tears and hugs and ten minutes to get them in the bus.

We ended up only losing 4 security cards which is our best yet, and I know where one of them is. A boy from Brno who was sick and went home early.

So as a round up I want to say thank you to all our wonderful teachers, pianists, caterers, administrators, door keepers and cleaners, hotel staff and management from myself and Daria. We love having you all here even though it is very hard work, it is worthwhile when you see the happiness on our dancers faces when they know they have learnt something for keeps.

Till next year, 24th July to the 5th August, have a safe year.