Good morning. 14c semi overcast with highs of 26c expected later today. 


I have put the barres out for the final time this year, given the sign in sheets for today to the gatekeepers, picked up the usual lost property and put it in a box outside my office and made a cup of tea. So hopefully we are ready for another satisfactory and artistic day for the young dancers. I think the course has been a huge success in the way it ran so we shall look to add this week to the Senior course from now on. This year was an experiment in putting our unique twist on a course, for younger dancers, our courses are about the dancer only, we do not do shows or allow parents into the studios. We are about teaching the dancers to work for themselves and becoming artistes eventually. For a dancer the rehearsal is the major part of your life, honing your technique and trying to improve every day, and only they can do that in the end. It has been heartwarming to see the hunger and desire for knowledge from the young ones, and when they see themselves in these famous, beautiful studios, with amazing teachers, it is without a doubt inspitational to them. We are happy with that.