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Afternoon Thursday 29th July

This afternoon in Studio 1 Daria Klimentová is with Jason Reilly for PDD and Serghei Poluektov on piano, and in Studio 2 we have Ondrej Vinklat for the contemporary class. We have contacted a firm [...]

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General class this morning is with Vladimir Shishov in Studio 1, Jason Reilly in Studio 2 and Tereza Podarilová in Studi0 3. With Jonathan Still, Dagmar Huff and Jana Vrabcová our three pianists. This will [...]

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Thursday 29th July

Good morning. 16c and sunny with highs of 26c expected today. Studios nice and quiet at 7.00, time to wipe down the barres with anti-covid spray then have a cup of tea before the madness [...]

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Wednesday 28th Afternoon

This afternoon will be Contemporary in Studio 2 with Ondrej Vinklat and in Studio 1 PDD with Daria and Jason with Jonathan on piano. So I have arranged a taxi for 06.45 for Madeleine Onne [...]

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Wednesday 28th July

Finally back at work now. This mornings class was Madeleine Onne in Studio 1 with Jonathan Still. Nikola Marová in Studio 2 with Dagmar Huff and in Studio 3 Tereza Podarliová with Jana Vrabcová on [...]

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Last Post Tuesday

Tomorrow morning Daria and I have to get up early and go to the immigration office near us to try to get me a five year visa (Brexit joy) so I can come and go [...]

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Tuesday Afternoon

Sorry, another really busy day, trying to cajole all the dancers into finding out if they need tests before they go home. Of course it is more than a week away so they see no [...]

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