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Solo classes

I have a moment, so today girls solo is with Ksenia in Studio 1 with Jonathan on piano and the boys with Giuseppe and Serghei on piano. Below is what is left of the legwarmers, [...]

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Class Thursday 5th August

Class today sees Mario Radacovsky, Artistic Director of Czech National Ballet in Brno, in Studio 3 with Dagmar Huff on piano. Studio 2 has Tamas Solymosi with Jana Vrabcova on piano an dfinally in Studio [...]

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Thursday 5th August

16c and raining this morning, highs of 18c and raing all day apparently. The last PCR test I took the girl for has not materialised so will have to get her to take one at [...]

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Tests on Friday

So what started out as 30 dancers wanting tests on Monday when I was trying to find a firm to come in has suddenly escalated to 58 and climbing. The covid situation is fluid in [...]

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Afternoon 4th August

Just had lunch in canteen again, was behind two boys pilling their big plates up so much I though the food was going to fall off the edges. The canteen is obviously a big success [...]

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