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Friday 7th August

Good morning, sunny here and 20c with highs expected of 32c this afternoon. Barres cleaned and studios ready. Have had to make several changes to the departure times for the dancers from the hotel as [...]

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Afternoon Thursday 6th August

After classes this afternoon we will be interviewing Vadim Muntagirov for the dancers and showing him dancing some of the variations he has been teaching in boys solo. Jan Kodet will be in Studio 2 [...]

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Solo work 6th August 2020

Todays solo is with Anna Osadcenko for the girls in studio 1 with Jonathan Still on piano. Group 2 12.00-13.00 and Group 1 13.00-14.00 today. The boys are with Vadim Muntagirov and Sergei Poluektov on [...]

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Class Thursday 6th August

Today for general class we have Daria Klimentová in studio 1 with Dagmar Huff on piano for group X. In Studio 2 we have Vadim Muntagirov with Jana Vrabcova on piano for group Y. In [...]

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Thursday 6th August

15c and Sunny but cool, expected highs of 28c today. Very quiet out there this morning, very pretty.  Starting to put up notices today about leaving times from the hotel for the dancers staying there, [...]

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Afternoon 5th August

This afternoon we have Daria Klimentová and Alexander Campbell teaching the Pas De Deux with Jonathan Still on piano in Studio 1, and in Studio 2 we have Jan Kodet with his own contemporary choreography [...]

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Solo Wednesday 5th August

Mario just came in to say goodbye as he is driving back to Brno now to his National company there, Vaclav also is off on holiday now. These are both very good dedicated teachers whom [...]

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