19 06, 2021

19th June

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For dancers that do wish to arrive early in order to quarantine before the course then I can arrange accommodation for you. Just let me know

17 06, 2021

17th June

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For the British here is a link to the Government list of suppliers of tests from £49. I found one Day 2 and Day 8 test provider for £110 for those returning to the UK [...]

5 06, 2021

5th June

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The Czech government have updated their Rules for Entry 1st June 2021.  And this is the Map of countries in Europe 1st June 2021.  Click on the links to see them. They are slightly simplified [...]

31 05, 2021


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Hi everyone. Just over 8 weeks to go before the Masterclasses now. For the time being (1st June 2021) I am asking all dancers not to pay their balance payments until after the 1st July [...]

10 08, 2020

Round up

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They all got away from the hotel and as I have not heard otherwise I am assuming they all got home ok. One girl left a nice ring in the room so I gave it [...]

8 08, 2020

Afternoon Final classes

By |2020-08-08T12:09:50+01:00August 8th, 2020|Prague|2 Comments

So for Groups A & B it is the final Contemporary class for this year with Jan Kodet in Studio 2 and for Groups C & D it is PDD with Daria Klimentová and Alexander [...]

8 08, 2020

Solo class

By |2020-08-08T11:46:17+01:00August 8th, 2020|Prague|0 Comments

Last solo's today. Vadim Muntagirov with the boys in Studio 2 with Sergei Poluektov on piano and the girls with Anna Osadcenko in Studio 1 with Jonathan Still on piano Here are the videos.

8 08, 2020

Pre class final day

By |2020-08-08T10:20:18+01:00August 8th, 2020|Prague|0 Comments

Having wiped down all the barres and ensured all the studios are unlocked and ready it is now time to put up the notices for the final day. Reminding them to return their passes and [...]

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