Sunday 8th August

Rained a lot last night,  this morning 16c and still raining a little, rising to 22c later. Daria, Sabina and I got soaked unloading the cars into the house. Yesterday should have been a nice [...]

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Afternoon PDD’s

This afternoon we have our final two PDD's. Daria and Giuseppe in Studio 2 with Dagmar Huff on piano and in Studio Daria and Tamas with Jonathan on piano. I would just like to thank [...]

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Solos today.

Sabina has nipped out to try to find some more paper cups at Tesco for the party tonight. I always forget paper cups. Solo class for the girls in Studio 1 with Ksenia Ovsyanik and [...]

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Last classes this year

General classes today are Mario Radacovsky in Studio 3 with Dagmar Huff on piano. Tamas Solymosi in Studio 2 with Jana Vrabcova on piano Ksenia Ovsyanik in Studio 1 with Jonathan Still on piano and [...]

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Flight changes

Even at 8.00 this morning I am still receiving flight change details from dancers which of course makes arranging their pick up much more complicated. 

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Saturday 7th August. Last day

15c sunny rising to 27c later. Good morning. Very nice teacher dinner last night, Stoleti restaurant made especially for us my favourite rice pudding dessert as well. Have cleaned barres and studios early today as [...]

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Day over

I'm sorry I have not been able to post much today. I have been trying to round up dancers all day for the PCR tests to return home. If you have ever tried to round [...]

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Just getting ready to start the testing. Have set up table for computer and any minute now the nurses will arrive. Sabina and I will take it in turns to man the entrance point.

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Man in room shock

This morning three girls came to me to report that last night at 1am one of them heard a noise like the door being fiddled with and then suddenly a man shadow appeared in the [...]

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Classes today

This morning we have Tamas Solymosi in Studio 2 with Jana Vrabcova on piano, in Studio 1 we have Ksenia Ovsyanik with Jonathan Still on piano and in Studio 3 we have Mario Radacovsky with [...]

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Friday 6th August

Good morning. 13c misty/sunny rising to 22c later and maybe a little rain. The weather has taken a few by surprise and one or two have colds now (not covid). Two girls had things stolen [...]

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