Solo today

Boys solo with Giuseppe Piccone in studio 2 and Serghei Poluektov on piano and girls solo in Studio 1 with Ksenia Ovsyanik and Jonathan Still on piano. Rodolfo is wandering around with his camera again [...]

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This morning I have had to be involved in testing once again. I booked a girl for a test and then took her on the tram to the testing place, about 20 minutes on tram, [...]

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Wednesday 4th August

Good morning. 15c at 7am rising to 21c max today. Rained a lot last night but not at present. Dancers that are leaving earlier than Sunday are coming in this morning so they can go [...]

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Afternoon classes

Finally starting to get the departure details drift in to me so I can organise transport from the hotel back to the airport. This afternoon Contemporary class with the wonderful Jan Kodet in Studio 2 [...]

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Solo class

Daria live streamed the solo classes today. Giuseppe Piccone with the boys and Jonathan and Ksenia Ovsyanick with the girls and Serghei .

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Tuesday 3rd August

Good morning 15c and sunny with highs of 23c and some rain today. Have to try to organise the dancers tests for the ones not leaving at the weekend now. Also of course still need [...]

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