For 21 years now we’ve been taking pictures of the International Ballet Masterclasses in Prague, and some of those pictures (a few thousand) are here on the Gallery page.  Click on the year or the photographers name .

Have fun and thanks for looking.

Photo Gallery 2023

Photos by ASH

Photos by Milan Fara

Photo Gallery 2022

Photos by Milan Fara

       Photos by ASH

Photo Gallery 2021

   Photos by Milan Fara   

 Photos by Ladislav Polak    

Rodolfo 2021

Serghei 2021

Photo Gallery 2020

Photos by ASH 2020

Dasa Wharton photos

 Serghei Gherciu photos

Photo Gallery 2019

Photos by ASH 2019 

         Photos by Milan Fara 2019

         Photos by Ladislav Polak 2019

Photo Gallery 2018

Photos by ASH 2018

Photos by Daria Klimentova 2018

Photos by Milan Fara 2018

Photos by L Polak 2018

Photo Gallery 2017

    Photos by Daria Klimentová 2017

Photos by ASH 2017

Photos by L Polak 2017

Photos by Milan Fara 2017

Photo Gallery 2016

Photos by Daria Klimentova

Photos by Ladislav Polak

Photos by Milan Fara

Photo Gallery 2015

Photos by L Polak

Photos by ASH

Photo Gallery 2014

L Polak photos

S Gherciu photos

Photo Gallery 2013

Arnaud Stephenson photos

Dasa Wharton Photos 

Milan Fara Photos

Photo Gallery 2012

Daria Klimentová photos

Milan Fara photos

Dasa Wharton photos

Photo gallery 2011

Amber Hunt Photos(Week 1)
Arnaud Stephenson (Week 1)
  Milan Fara Photos (Week 1)
  Milan Fara Photos (Week 2)
Daria and Sabina Photos (Week 2) 

Photo galleries 2010

 Daria Klimentová photos
Milan Fara photos

Photo Gallery 2009

Photo Gallery 2008

 Photo Gallery 2007

Photo Gallery 2006

Photo Gallery 2005

 Photo Gallery 2004

Photo Gallery 2003