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Artistes: Jan Kodet

Artistes 2008
Christopher Hampson
Václav Janeček PhDr
Václav Kuneš*
Charles Mudry*
Nataša Novotná*
Daria Klimentová
Beatrice Knop*
Barbora Kohoutková*
Tamara Rojo
Tamás Solymosi*
Jan-Erik Wikström
Yat Sen Chang
*new in 2008

Jonathan Still (pianist)
Sergei Poluetkov (pianist)
Ian Comer (administrator)
Jiří Čumpelík (physiotherapist)

Artistes 2007
Patrick Delcroix *
Maina Gielgud *
Guillaume Graffin *
Amy Hollingsworth
Václav Janeček PhDr

Daria Klimentová

Daria Pavlenko
Sofiane Sylve
Jan-Erik Wikström *
* new in 2007

sArtistes 2006
Otto Bubeniček
Viviana Durante
Christopher Hampson
Amy Hollingsworth
Daria Klimentová
Jan Kodet*
Larisa Lezhnina*
Laurent Novis

Roland Price*

*New in 2006!

Artistes 2005
Ivan Cavallari
Viviana Durante
Christopher Hampson
Amy Hollingsworth
Daria Klimentová
Laurent Novis
Monica Zamora

Artistes 2004
Mark Baldwin
Otto Bubeniček
Brenda Edwards
Václav Janeček PhDr
Daria Klimentová
Christopher Hampson
Greg Horsman
Tamara Rojo
Francine Richard

Artistes 2003
Yat Sen Chang
Amy Hollingsworth
Andria Hall
Irek Mukhamedov
Agnes Oaks

Jan Kodet

Jan Kodet, currently assistant to the Artistic Director of the ballet of the National Theatre in Prague, Petr Zuska, and teacher at the Dance Conservatoire & AMU (University of the Performing Arts) has been involved in workshops and intense collobarations with many schools and professional dance companies in Europe, including among others the Hochschule in Frankfurt am Main, Institut del Teatre Barcelona, Akademie of Dance in Stockholm. He has toured widely in his role as assistant to choreographer Rui Horta from 1997-2002, and has restaged his works for Culberg Ballet, Ballet National de Marseille, Icelandic Ballet and Gulbenkian Ballet among others.

He started his performing career with the Charles University Dance Company, after which he danced in a host of exciting and innovative productions with companies as diverse as Laterna Magika (Minotaurus chor. Rafaela Matiolli), Unia Nova (The Song About Jan Palach, chor. Jan Hartmann), Bohemia Ballet (Mozart in Prague, chor. Ivanka Kubicová) Slovak National Theatre (Pegas in a cave, dance film, chor. Libor Vaculík) the Company of the Academy of Performing Arts (Musica Slovaca, chor. Pavel Šmok).

In 1992-93 he danced with Dance Berlin, in works choreographed by Leonar Ickstadt & Joseph Tmim, Plümaktus, Short History of the World, Opus 001 - Tango Mango, Love Songs, Maybe, Volonté de fer), then from 1993-1996 with the Frankfurt S.O.A.P. Dance Theater, in Rui Horta's Made to Measure, and Domestic Arrangements, Object Constant and Glass - short stories of fools.

In Lisbon, he joined Portugal's Ballet Gulbenkian under Iracity Cardoso, and danced in works by Nacho Duato, Itzik Galili, Paulo Ribeiro, Ohad Naharin and others, and from 1997-2002, worked as assistant to choreographer Rui Horta on projects such as Zeitraum, Blindspot and K.I.T. It was in this period that he also founded his own company, Bohemia Family Dance Projects, creating works such as No Ende, Gates, Adam and Eve, and Jade.

For Trance Dance Europe 2000 he represented the culture capital Prague on a tour of Europe with his own company. From 2002 he continued his interest in teaching and creating new work in workshops and professional companies, joining Concordia Dance, a non-profit organization for the development and support of dance, and in 2004, in co-production with Archa Theatre in Prague, he created Lola and Mr Talk with Swedish dancer Charlotta Öfverholm, and worked on a dance theatre project for Laterna Magika for the Olympic Games in Athens.

Last year he created Duel for the ballet of the National Theatre in Prague.

It Happened Tomorrow (1992)
Shattered Rose (1993)
Jade (1997)
6X Eva, Evita (1998)
No End (1999)
Chrysalis 2000)
Gates (2000)
Adam and Eve (2000)
Cala Estreta (2001)
Danse Macabre (2001)
About Firewomen and Other Stories (2002)
Talking to Johann (2003)
Sincerely with a Kiss... (2003)
Lola & Mr.Talk (2004)
Frida (2004)
Legende of Argonauts (2004)
Duel (2005)
The Time of Touch (2005)

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