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Artistes: Nataša Novotná

Artistes 2008
Christopher Hampson
Václav Janeček PhDr
Václav Kuneš*
Charles Mudry*
Nataša Novotná*
Daria Klimentová
Beatrice Knop*
Barbora Kohoutková*
Tamara Rojo
Tamás Solymosi*
Jan-Erik Wikström
Yat Sen Chang
*new in 2008

Jonathan Still (pianist)
Sergei Poluetkov (pianist)
Ian Comer (administrator)
Jiří Čumpelík (physiotherapist)

Artistes 2007
Patrick Delcroix *
Maina Gielgud *
Guillaume Graffin *
Amy Hollingsworth
Václav Janeček PhDr

Daria Klimentová

Daria Pavlenko
Sofiane Sylve
Jan-Erik Wikström *
* new in 2007

sArtistes 2006
Otto Bubeniček
Viviana Durante
Christopher Hampson
Amy Hollingsworth
Daria Klimentová
Jan Kodet*
Larisa Lezhnina*
Laurent Novis

Roland Price*

*New in 2006!

Artistes 2005
Ivan Cavallari
Viviana Durante
Christopher Hampson
Amy Hollingsworth
Daria Klimentová
Laurent Novis
Monica Zamora

Artistes 2004
Mark Baldwin
Otto Bubeniček
Brenda Edwards
Václav Janeček PhDr
Daria Klimentová
Christopher Hampson
Greg Horsman
Tamara Rojo
Francine Richard

Artistes 2003
Yat Sen Chang
Amy Hollingsworth
Andria Hall
Irek Mukhamedov
Agnes Oaks

After receiving her dance education at the Janaček Conservatory in Ostrava, Czech Republic, Nataša Novotná joined the junior company of Netherlands Dans Theatre /NDT 2/ under the leadership of Jiří Kylián.

In year 2000 she moved to work in Sweden where new artistic director Anders Hellstrom is forming his company Goteborgse Ballet. During this period she received the Swedish prize/stipendium supporting young talent for the role of Juliet in Martino Müller’s Romeo & Juliet.

From Scandinavia she returned in 2002 to the Netherlands to join the main company of the Netherlands Dans Theater /NDT1/. Among others she had the opportunity to work and create with choreographers such as Jiří Kylián, William Forsythe, Mats Ek, Paul Lightfoot and Crystal Pite.

In years 2003-2006 she organized the fundraising event of NDT the Choreographic Workshop Performance.

She was nominated by the Dutch Critics for best dance interpretation for role in Johan Inger’s Pneuma and then together with Paravaneh Sharifali for William Forsythe’s Duo.

In 2006 she began a freelance career, and in September of that year established a connection with Japanese choreographer Saburo Teshigawara and as a guest to his company Karas is danced in the new creation Glass Tooth made for the New National Theatre in Tokyo.

She collaborates with the Tero Saarinen Company in Finland, C-Scope of Cora Bos Croese and Station Zuid in the Netherlands, Roberto Bolle the soloist of Teatro La Scala, and the International Summer Ballet in Copenhagen.

Together with Václav Kuneš and Ondrej Kotrc she recently founded a new dance initiative 420PEOPLE in Prague, Czech Republic.

2007 performances, projects, workshops

  • Scream&Whisper, performed with Saburo Teshigawara and his company Karas/JP
  • collaboration with the soloist of Teatro La Scala, Roberto Bolle performing at the Dance Salad Festival/ Houston, USA
  • Workshop at the AMU University in Prague for students of choreography and pedagogy
  • Balet Gala-National Theatre Praha, duet from Bella Figura, choreography Jiří Kylián
  • Neen-Ya,choreography of Václav Kuneš performed for Station Zuid,NL
  • C-Scope ( Sandman,improvization), project of Cora Bos-Croese, NL
  • Copenhagen International Ballet, DK
  • together with Bořek Šípek and Yoshiki Hishinuma instalation in recently renovated experimental space DOX in Prague-Holesovice, CZ
  • Borrowed Light, performed with Tero Saarinen Company, FI


  • member of Netherlands Dans Theater 1, NL
  • C-Scope ( Expozed), project of Cora Bos-Croese,NL
  • Copenhagen International Ballet, DK
  • project for Japanese costume designer Y.Hishinuma, choreographed by Paul Lightfoot, S.Leon
  • Kazahana and Scream & Whisper, performed with Saburo Teshigawara and his company Karas/JP
  • new creation of S.Teshigawara-Glass Tooth for New National Theatre Tokyo,JP
  • in years 04-06 organization of the beneficiary performance Choreographic Workshop NDT
  • 2000-2002
  • member of the Gothenburg Ballet in Sweden


  • member of Netherlands Dans Theater 2,NL


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